What Schools Fails To Teach About Success

What Schools Fails To Teach About Success 2
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Without basic formal education, it might be difficult to be able to read and write or communicate effectively.


Education in a real sense has nothing to do with only certificates but rather with our mind, brain, and what you can do with them.


How you put your brain and mind to efficient and effective use in creating the desired life determines your level of literacy.


For instance, Aliko Dangote did not turn out to be one of the richest men in Africa because he is a Professor. Bill Gates(Microsoft founder) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) are inventors not by virtue of a Certificate.


What makes these people different is that they trained their minds on how to discover problems, create needed products and services (solutions), and then master how to sell their creativity (marketing).


The question we should be asking ourselves now is, how can we build our mind for wealth success?


And the answer is simply by becoming a student of Business, Wealth and Success Education with guiding principles like listening and following those who have done it in the past. Refusing to criticize the rich but seek to learn how they think, believe, and act.


Not forgetting also to develop yourself by reading books written by successful people, attending seminars and business conferences or training.


When we were young, say at the age of twenty-five, we had the daring spirit but as we grow older, we become more cautious and less adventurous.


At a youthful age, we can do “ugly things” needed to raise money, endure the pains of running a startup business with ease and no fear.


I can still remember those days that I engaged in menial jobs like carrying building blocks, cutting grasses in order to raise money to buy some things for myself.


Aside from business, we had time to pursue our passion -different kinds of sports such as NetBet casino games, music, drama, and others during this period.


Unfortunately, those precious years were mostly spent in schools packing facts and figures into our heads instead of using our brains to think and work towards our desired life.


From research, most rich people started the journey to wealth very early and some continuously were pursuing their business vision even while in schools.


However, age is not a barrier to success, our school, present job, engagement, attachments, never stop us from starting to build our own business.


All that is required of us is Financial Education, starting from our mind in order to recover wasted years in schools.


Another obvious reason by which the school system has failed in teaching us wealth success is the outdated system of learning that is in place.


Unlike the old days of few technologies and less workforce, new technology continues to spring up every day targeting people’s jobs thereby resulting in a high rate of unemployment – Uber, ATM, Internet, etc.


Schools are training our children to find jobs that are no more existing or are facing extinction.


At this juncture, we should not misunderstand the fact that attending schools and getting certificates is laudable but we should never put our trust in the certificate to make us rich.


A certificate or job can be a starting point to raise capital but it is not a wise move, to dream of working for another man for thirty-five years without plan B.


Your plan B could be establishing yourself, developing your passion for business, or wisely investing your money to make more money for you.


I want us to know these basic things on how to be successful in life;


-You cannot be rich if you never want to take many risks. Success line is on your way, once you have freedom over security.


In real life security does not exist, therefore, if you have a business idea, don’t hesitate, start now –  endure the pain now to enjoy the freedom later.


-Lastly, believe in yourself that you are strong enough to create your desired life. If animals, as weak as they are, could be independent, why then can’t we humans?

The animals live their lives without government, training, schools, employers, or expectations from parents or anybody.


We too have more than enough capacity to achieve success by doing the right things at the right time.

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