Understand keyword For SEO and Blogging (2019 review)

Understand keyword for SEO and blogging
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After seeing and talking to Some Young Bloggers over whatsapp. Honestly I felt ashamed about there review of what is keyword and what is not  keyword. Imagine one of them told me that Learn blogging is a keyword and Learn blogging season 1 isn’t a keyword  just because that Learn blogging has high search monthly volume while Learn blogging season 1 has  low monthly search volume 😁😁. Honestly I am feeling so much fire in me on dropping this Post so let’s go to what we came here for.


Understand Keyword for SEO and Blogging

What is keyword

Keyword are the  word phrases used by user when searching for anything at search engines.

Type of keyword

Most people in SEO (myself included) divide keywords into three main categories: head, body and the (long) tail.
I know some people are confused but chill and  relax I am going to explain.

    • Head Keyword: These are usually single-word keywords with insane amounts of search volume and competition (for example, “insurance” or “vitamins”). Because searcher intent is all over the place (someone searching for “insurance” might be looking for a car insurance quote, a list of life insurance companies or a definition of the word), Head Terms usually don’t convert very well.
    • Body Keywords : Body keywords are 2-3 word phrases that get decent search volume (at least 2,000 searches per month), but are more specific than Head Keywords. Keywords like “life insurance” or “order vitamins online” are examples of Body Keywords. These almost always have lower competition than Head Terms, but can still be very competitive.
    • Long tail keywords: They are long, 4+ word phrases that are usually very specific. Phrases like “affordable life insurance for senior citizens” and “Learn blogging season 1” are examples of long tail keywords. Even though they don’t get a lot of search volume individually – when added together– long tails make up the majority of searches online.

I recommend putting most of your effort behind Body and Long Tail Keywords.


As you just read, Head Terms are a) super competitive and b) don’t convert well. So those are out.

In my opinion, Body Keywords hit the sweet spot of search volume, buyer intent and competition. And when you optimize pages around Body Keywords, you’ll usually rank for closely-related long tails automatically.

In other words, when you optimize for Body keywords, you tend to gobble up a lot of long tail traffic naturally from very long 5-12 word searches.

Because they’re usually easier to rank for than Head or Body Keywords, many SEOs focus on Long Tail Keywords. Although Long Tail Keywords are less competitive (and tend to convert well).

Understand your keyword for SEO

SEO, SEO, SEO you keep reading about it online but you are still confused : To my understanding Getting google traffic all lies in finding Easy to rank keywords (others are just followers).

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