Top 20 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers 2019

Google Chrome is the most popular browser till date.

The biggest part of Chrome’s success is due to wide array of extensions available for it.

As a blogger, you need to be making using some great Google Chrome extensions.

In this post, I’m going to present you some of the Chrome extensions you need to be using for your blogging and SEO business.

I’ve been blogging from 2013. As an app junkie, I’ve tried and tested almost every popular Chrome extensions and also is using plenty of them for refining my workflow.

Let me present you few of the extensions that I think every blogger should use but befre i start let me explain what google chrome extension

What Is A Google Chrome Extension?

Google Chrome extensions will help the most for bloggers in doing the work easy and efficient. A Google Chrome extension is simply an add-on for Chrome which helps you enable multi-functionality for web pages.


Blogging is really an art. The best thing about blogging is the ability to manage several things. To make this happen, the Google Chrome extensions will play the best role.


Where To Find Extensions In Google Chrome?

You can find these Google Chrome extensions in the Google Chrome app store which is also called Google Chrome web store.


Top 20 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers 2019

The Google Chrome web store is a place where you can find different Chrome addons. You can search for your required addon in the store and you will find several best addons developed by different developers. You can choose the best one among them.

How Do I Add Extensions To Chrome?

After finding the addon you like, you can use it in Google Chrome as an extension. Here are the detailed steps to add extensions to Chrome.

Step 1: Search Extension

Go to Google Chrome’s web store. In the web store, you will see options like themes and extensions. Select the extensions option. Search for your extension in the search bar above.


Top 20 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers 2019

Step 2: Add The Extension

Once you search for the extension, you will find a list of extensions based on your search query. By clicking on the extension you can find all the details like star ratings, developed by, reviews and more details.


Top 20 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers 2019 2


Click on the Add to Chrome button that you will find in the extension page. On the popup that appears, click the Add Extension button. Then the extension will be added to the Chrome browser.

extension adding process


Step 3: Relaunch The Browser

Once the addon is added to Chrome, you need to relaunch the browser. After that, you will find a small icon on the top right corner. Click on the icon and activate or change any modifications required for the plugin.

List Of Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

To make different aspects of blogging easier, there are so many Google extensions that will help bloggers. Here is the list of some best Google Chrome extensions.


1. Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere extension


Keyword searching is the main task for any blogger. Every blogger searches for the ranking of the keywords and the number of searches for that keyword every time. Every time you want to search for keywords you need to visit the Google keyword planner or some other tool.

By Installing these keywords everywhere tool you can access your keywords from the Google search page itself. you can also check the volume, competition, and CPC of keywords right there.


2. SEOQuack

SEOquack extension


Checking the matrix of websites is the main task of the bloggers. Bloggers use tools like Alexa rank checker, SemRush and other tools to check the metrics like keyword density, a list of keyboards and backlinks. The SEOquake extension brings these functions to one place.

SEOquake is a simple plugin with lots of features included. By installing this SEOquake plugin you can enable many SEO related features within the browser itself.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly chrome extensions


Grammarly is best suitable for bloggers while writing content. By using Grammarly we can check for any errors that occur while we write content.

This addon is directly included in the writing space and warns us about the mistakes we type in the editor. You can also find the synonyms of the words you type. You can easily access the Grammarly app from the addon where you can upload a full doc and check for grammar.


4. Lastpass

lastpass extension


The most difficult task for any blogger is to remember tons of passwords he creates in different websites. Chrome has a default password manager where passwords are saved if you click on the save password button for every website. But it is only safe until you clear the cookies of the websites.

To avoid these problems, you can use the add-on named LastPass, where you can save as many as passwords along with the descriptions. In Lastpass you can group websites to different categories like social, payments and many more.


5. Printfriendly

PrintFriendly extension

Whenever we search for the content we always try to save the content from the websites. To save this content, you cannot take long screenshots for the web pages right.

By using this print-friendly addon to Chrome you can make your webpage you are reading into a PDF and save a copy in your browser.

You can save your favorite content from any webpage into PDF format with simple clicks.

6. Mozbar

MozBar extension

The MozBar checks the PageRank and domain authority of the web pages. There are two modes in the MozBar addon. When you enable the full-length bar in MozBar, it will show you the metrics like page rank and domain authority with the spam score of every website you open.

When you disable this, it will only show the domain authority of the website on the icon of the addon itself.

7. Forest: Stay Focused

Forest extension

The forest addon helps you concentrate on your work for hours. Whenever you start work, you can plant a Tree in the forest and set some Blacklist websites for your browsers like Facebook, Twitter or some other website where you waste your time spending hours.

Until you work in the whitelist websites your tree will be growing and once you step into the blacklist websites your tree starts withering indicating that it disturbs your work.

8. Hunter: Find Email Addresses In Seconds

Email hunter extension


Emails are a very important tool for bloggers to send newsletters and blog updates to the audience. It is difficult to find emails of users. by including the email Hunter addon in the Google Chrome it will collect any emails that will be found in the web pages.

This extension is trusted by more than 1.5 million people. By using this extension, you will get 50 free searches per month. If you need more, you have to upgrade to premium.

9. WhatFont

Whatfont extension


WhatFont is a simple plugin that will show the font that is used on the web page? When you visit a website and if you want to check the font that is used by the web page developer, you can use this WhatFont addon.

This is the simple Google Chrome extension to know the font details from the particular web page. It shows the details of fonts and it supports Typekit and Google font API also.



10. Eye Dropper

eye dropper extension


The EyeDropper addon will help you pick the colors from different web pages. When you are visiting a website and you like the color used by the developer and you need to know the color code, you can use this simple EyeDropper addon and find the color from the web page.

This is a very simple extension and user-friendly interface. If you want to know the color code of the image or element, you can copy the code with a single click. Helpful addon for web designers.


11. Page Analytics (By Google)

Page Analytics by Google extension


This Google-developed addon for Chrome will show you the complete page analytics of any page on your website. Once you install this page analytics plugin in the Google Chrome extinctions bar, you can have the analytics ID of Google into the addon and it will show the analytics of your webpages in the browser itself.


12. SEO Minions Extention

SEO minions extension

SEO Minions is another Google Chrome extension where you can find the different SEO analysis for your web pages within the plugin. You can also check all the internal and external links along with the broken links in the SEO Minions addon.

SEO Minions is the must-have extension for bloggers. It helps to conduct daily on-Page SEO analysis and broken link checking.  Another added feature is the Google Search location simulator. You can check your keyword ranking in two different countries from the same window.


13. ProWritingAid

ProwritingAid extension


ProWritingAid helps most for the content writers. The ProWritingAid will help the content writers in improving their article along with the Grammarly check.

It suggests you on improving the readability of the content and also shows you different content-related suggestions to make your content wonderful. It has the Plagiarism checking tool also to check your content uniqueness.

14. SerpStat Website SEO Checker

Serpstat extension


SERPstat is one of the giant Internet marketing analysis services. The SerpStat tool will help you check all the SEO metrics. You can check your websites SEO directly from the serpstat extension. Everything you need to do is to just click on the icon after opening the page you want to check the SEO for.

After installing the plugin and setting up, just open a page of any website that you want to check SEO and click on the icon on the extension bar of the page. Then a popup will appear showing you the on-page SEO analysis of the page.

15. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote web clipper


Evernote is the one addon that we need to discuss now. The Evernote will provide you with space where you can keep a note of everything you want to do.

It would be like writing a piece of content in the paper and sticking on your table to remember it afterward. You can access all these notes you created in the Evernote directly from the Chrome addon.

16. Google Publisher Toolbar

Google publisher toolbar extension


Google publisher toolbar is for bloggers who earn commissions through AdSense. This complete AdSense tool will help Google AdSense users to search for the analytics of Google AdSense right from the browser.

Google Publisher Toolbar is one of the Google Chrome extension for Bloggers mainly helpful for Adsense publishers. You can view the data of Adsense, Ad Exchange and Double click for publisher’s accounts information. It gives valuable information about the Ads which are displaying on your site including its size, display RL and advertiser name.

Useful Google chrome extension for AdSense publishers. Not only AdSense, but you can view Google analytics data also.

17. Boomerang For Gmail

boomerang for gmail

The boomerang tool is completely for the style of writing in Gmail.  The mails you write to send to your customers or any professionals should meet some guidelines and respectfulness. The Boomerang for Gmail helps you bring all of this into your email editor.

While you are writing the email, the boomerang will show you the statistics like readability, politeness, email length, word count, reading level and positivity statistics of the content you have written.

18. Buffer

Buffers social management tool


Buffer is one of the social media management tools to schedule and share the content on social media. This extension helps you to share your great content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn from anywhere on the web with a simple click.

It can help you schedule your posts, analyze performance and team collaboration.  Once you schedule the post, you can relax. After that, you can check how your post is performing on social media with these accurate results.

19. WiseStamp

WiseStamp extension


WiseStamp is a very effective Google chrome extension for bloggers to promote their profiles via Email as a signature.  The WiseStamp is a simple addon for Google Chrome which will help you add your own Email signature for all the emails you send to your customers.

You can enable this feature by installing this extension in your chrome browser. After authenticating your account, they enable the feature to create custom email signature stamp and it automatically adds below your every sending email. It supports Gmail, Google Apps email. Outlook, Mac Mail, Yahoo mail AOL mail, Hotmail, Live mail and iPhone

20. World Clocks

World clocks extensions

World Clocks Google Chrome extension is one of the highly using extensions by most of the bloggers.

In the world clocks addon, you can enable different clocks for different countries which will help bloggers to target the audience of that specific country. You can add and check multiple countries clocks from your browser.


The above given are some of the best addons for Google Chrome which I have been using for my blogging purposes. There are still more useful addons for Chrome.

If you are using any other addon which you find will help our readers, please share these Google Chrome extensions for Bloggers list with us in the comment section below.

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