Things All Bloggers Must Be Doing

Go to where you are loved.

Give virtually all attention and energy to people who love what you do. Respond to reader comments. Thank customers. Praise clients. Promote dear blogging buddies. In a nutshell; if you help people freely who help you, you will become super successful online because where your energy goes, grows.

Things All Bloggers Must Be Doing
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But if you made the dingbat mistake I made for many years, you will struggle and fail. Blogging got harder and harder for me because I tried to reach new people constantly and ignored my fans, my loyal supporters and people who would make my blog and brand grow like wildfire, if I would just give them my attention, energy, and love. Unfortunately, I slammed into genuine hardship a few times before I really learned my lesson. Now I just go to where I am loved all day long pretty much and spend a little time meeting new people.

Go to Where You Are Loved

I write guest posts for dear friends who love what I do. These rocking bloggers, and their readers, read my content, buy my eBooks, buy my courses, hire me and endorse me. Traffic and business keep growing because I keep giving my attention and energy to people who grow my traffic and business. The process is quite simple. But of course, it feels uncomfortable sometimes because you may fear you are not speaking to enough new people daily. Do not cower to that fear. Keep giving virtually all of your attention and energy to where you are loved, and your blogging life gets easier as these awesome folks accelerate your success.

SO many bloggers screw it up though. For example; in my course for getting featured on top blogs, I teach bloggers to build relationships and to create value to allow Success to flow to them. This is a pitch-free course. But of course, when I check my email inbox, I see a high percentage of stranger bloggers who blindly, mindlessly Sent me guest post requests and other opportunities. They are trying to get featured on a well-read blog by going to where they are not loved. Or, to NOT going to where they are loved. I have no idea who they are so I delete the emails instantly. I have no idea of their creativity, their skills, their network, and their name, so I delete their email without thinking twice.

Can you imagine how difficult and downright foolish it is to try to build a blogging business based on trying to convince utter strangers of your worth, value and skills?

This is insane. Yet most bloggers take this highly difficult, hard, almost impossible to succeed route. They refuse to build up their skills and friend network by generously helping people for free, so they have no tribe of loving, loyal readers. This is a backward, unintelligent, fear-based, outright silly approach to blogging.

Please do not overthink blogging, guys. Keep going back to where you are loved. Make blogging easier. Co-create with people who love your content. Success will find you.

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