SEO for Bloggers: 6 Sensitive SEO Actions you Must Take

Organic search remains a vital concern under SEO for bloggers and Content Marketers. It is an important task in website marketing.

Today, I’ll show you the steps and actions to take if you want to maximize your SEO; so that your site can rank well.

As a blogger, you may have come across different information, articles from different SEO perspectives. But, what exactly should you listen to?

Let us begin.

SEO for bloggers
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  1. SEO-friendly site design

Website design has taken a toll in SEO. Because this is your face online, to your customers. SEO already adjusted how your design might benefit the upper fraction of your potential customers, which is Mobile-friendliness. Recently, on the 4th of May, Google rolled out an update which re-emphasized the inevitability of mobile-friendliness.

The way a visitor responds when they enter your webpage is more sign to how mobile-friendly your website is. It is advisable to hire a web designer to provide you a best design experience to boost your SEO. Or, probably buy a theme,  instead of these conventional themes. The latter isn’t bad though, but it pays to hire a skilled web designer, We recommend WebdesignersNG.


  1. Activate the Basic Webmasters Tool

Next, sign up for Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other search engine Webmasters tools like Bing Webmasters tool.

So that you can start to rank your website. It has been shown that consumers who can search quicker are more joyful. In reality, Google discovered that slowing down search results by as few as 400 milliseconds will lower down the number of searches by more than 50%.


  1. Optimize Blog Posts

Individuals are searching for information online. Blogging is just one method to feed the search for information.

Assessing your site articles for organic search achieves two items:

  • Optimize well your posts for search engines so that they can understand your intended audience
  • Whenever you are generating online content, put readers first.

Mostly, when you concentrate on the reader, the search engine optimization task of this equation is going to be taken care of without much work.

However, there are some important actions to take to maximize your blog articles so your pages can crawl well with the search engines. So that your articles may rank well.

We will not spend time on the fundamentals like keywords. Several articles cover these topics, but we’ll include them since they’re crucial to the success of SEO for bloggers.

  1. Keyword And Focus

Use your keyword on the first paragraph and the first Sub-heading. Then use the keyword twice or thrice in the post. Infuse your target keyword in the conclusion. Depending on the length of your post, target well these keywords.

  1. A Great Title

Here are some examples of tricky titles:

  • 25 Amazing Ways to Make Money With Opera
  • Why You Might Fail in Life Without Checking This Out

Each of those titles uses a particular formula that‘ll surely drive clicks (and there are numerous other formats) while also having giving attention to the keyword phrase.

Kinds of article titles that will drive you massive visits comprise:

  • Questions
  • Lists
  • How-to
  • Keys
  • Truth



Also, notice that the final title in the record is an illustration of the kind of articles which are simple to market. It has hints from experts. You can interview experts in the industry and make them discuss the article once it is published.

  1. Add Images and Videos(if available). On the media files, use your keyword as the Alt Tag


  1. URL

There are a couple of ways about editing URLs for blog articles, depending on your permalink structure.

A strategy would be to use the whole title as your URL:

Your URL would become: http://yourdomain/the-title/.

Statistics reveal that shorter URLs perform best. Both strategies are cool, but you do not need to experience what you think search engines need. Use the URL to supply the relevant information to your visitors. When they visit this URL they’ll need to immediately know exactly what the article is all about.


  1. META Description

Do not stuff it with keywords. Write as though you were writing an introductory paragraph to your post. But include your target keyword.


  1. Internal Linking

Internal Linking is an SEO strategy that demonstrates your web page as corresponding with other pages in your website. Internal links help promote your blog articles as viewers read Your blog articles.

When someone finishes reading your articles. You easily direct them to other articles, in case of further related guidance on the information you are trying to pass across. Should you link to 5 or 4 previous blog articles, you provide the reader something to do next and it rewards you.

They continue to read more versions of your articles. They remain on your website. You continue to build this trust and connection that contributes to a sale.

Again, blog readers enjoy internal links as long as It is not overdone. And since subscribers show preference towards internal lins, search engines use this as an SEO signal. Asides from this, you easily reduce your website’s Bounce Rate. Bounce Rate is the average dwelling time your website visitors spend in before they exit your web page.


Bottom Line

Lastly, provide persuasive and engaging contents to your audience and influencers in your niche. Links still remains a vital aspect of natural search algorithms. So getting these essential links over the years will benefit your site.

SEO for bloggers is a vast topic that questions your expertise in the world of organic search. In fact. It’s far more than displaying Your experience and building confidence.

It plays a vital role in SEO, along with also the frequency at which you blog. This frequency will determine how much traffic you’ll earn; how many prospects you create; and how many conversions you create.

If you would like to win in the sport of Internet Marketing, you have must be publishing articles, and be consistent with it.

You might be discouraged. But let nothing shake your rugged stance.

As a vast veteran in the SEO game, I can testify to how it becomes tiring and unattractive, and there are occasions when you would like to stop.

But I can also attest to the fact your hard work pays off.

Sure, sometimes you may feel like you’re banging your mind against a wall hanger. But all of that still make you stronger.

Still, appropriate consistency will increase your viewers. By that it builds confidence.

Do not stop.


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  1. Mr Fash, I’ve been a secret follower of your blog a long time ago. But I detected the contents you are posting these days appear highly engaging and professional. Have you hired an Editor/Proofreader or you are the original author?

    Thanks for this post. It reminds me of the fundamentals of SEO. This is madly impressive, because I couldn’t remove my eyes from reading till the end! I can’t remember when last I remained that committed with reading a blog post.

    And concerning this May 4th update you mentioned in this post, Neil Patel published this evening on what we need to knit, as concerning SEO actions:

    I hope lockdown is going well with you, Mr Fash.

    • Thanks for your concern and comment. i really appreciate your time and finding this article interesting.

      Yea, the lockdown is really doing great am . At least now, i have the time to really focus on my blog


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