What is SEO ? SEO Advanced Tutorial

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SEO advanced tutorial

SEO advanced tutorial

I know many people of the SEO field who do not know what is SEO, what are the techniques and types of SEO. So, I decided to write a post on this topic. I hope this article will melt off all the questions and confusions from their mind.


SEO is the abbreviation of Search engine optimization. It is a continuous process of website promotion which requires a systematic way and systematic strategy. It refers to the collection of techniques and methods that allow a website to get more visitors from search engines- Google, Yahoo, Bing. It is a process by which visitors are generated on a website through free, natural, article and organic listings in search engines. Therefore a website which is highly rated appears on the top of the search engine. SEO is not the process of purchasing the number 1 link through Google Adwords.

 The search engine analyzes two things while prioritizing the website-

  1. Content:  Content of the website should be unique and relevant to the website. The search engine bot analyzes these things when it crawls and indexes the website. It also checks the title, description, and tags of the website. Title, tags, the description should be relevant to the site.
  2. Backlinks: Incoming links to the website is known as backlinks. When the search engine bot crawls the website for indexing, it also checks the backlinks. Inbound links should be greater than outgoing links. But all the links should be quality backlinks. Focus on quality backlinks, not on the number of backlinks.

Techniques of SEO

There are two techniques of SEO- white hat SEO and Black hat SEO

  1. White Hat SEO– To increase the ranking of the website by following all the rules and guidelines of the search engines. It is safe and ethical techniques of SEO.
  2. Black Hat SEO– It is also known as SEO spamming techniques. To increase the ranking without following the rules and guidelines is known as Black hat SEO. I will discuss complete black hat SEO in the future’s post.

Types of SEO 


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There are two types of SEO- On-page and Off-page SEO

  1. On page SEOControlling website from your page coding is known as on-page SEO. Meta tags, Meta Title, HTML code, Description, etc. are the various examples.
  2. Off-page SEO– Off Page Optimization is also one of the types of SEO that are not controlled by the page coding. In off-page SEO we try to get the maximum number of quality backlinks.
    Link building, Blog posting, Image Sharing, Article submission, 
    Getting high-quality links from relevant sites, Document Sharing, SocialBookmarking, Video Sharing, Infographics submission, etc. are the various methods of off-page optimization. 

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