Nnuforum Review: How does Nnuforum Works? (2019 Review)

Nnuforum Review is yet another income program review am going to write about today.


Day in day out we keep showing you some legit means to earn living online from various income programs in Nigeria and yet again am back to share with you Nnuforum income program review to let you know how Nnuforum income scheme works and how to make money as a premium member.

You might be wondering why is it that Bloggers Nigeria(Mrfash) is almost a member of all income programs? You keep seeing my reviews right before we migrated to Bloggers NIGERIA  and you know before I even go-ahead to write any review I must, first of all, join to spy and grab what the program is all about and to know with my logistics if it’s scam or legit before sharing with you here.

Each time i see people complaining of how they couldn’t get paid on NNU income program i just laugh it away because they are even going to the extent of labeling NNU income scheme Scam whereas they are legitimate and real.


NNU is still paying its member, but when the people are too many what do you expect than slow payment? that’s why you see your payment request pending for months before you finally get alert. Who wants to wait and wait? i don’t have much time so I love to get them sharp.

When you join Fresh income programs you will make money easily from the referral system. This is because very little have heard about the program and everyone wants to join the trending earning platforms. Not just that your payments come easy because the system is new and fresh.

I think you now understand the advantage of new income programs over the existing ones. So let’s ride on with our Nnuforum income program review.

Nnuforum income program review

I know you might be thinking “When was Nnuincome Income Program Created?” Check out below image.

Nnuforum Review
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According to whois Record the website is so fresh that you can tap into it and earn good money before the angry youths comes in.

But joining the program is not even the issue: The question now is “How does Nnuforum income program works?” I got the answer here so let’s roll on.

How does Nnuforum income program Works? (Nnuforum Review)

Just like every other income programs such as Zinoly, Blog9ja, BankAlert,Nnu, NewsPay, Enigeria,Paying,Popnewsng and many more which I have written about here.

You create an account and activate your account to premium membership with just 1,400 Naira after which you stand a chance to earn as long as the program exists.

So how can you make money from Nnuforum income scheme?

You earn for your activities such as commenting, Login, referral, Share, etc. let’s break down the earning.

How to make money from Nnuforum income program

Below are the means to earn and how much to earn for each activity on Naija pay.

  • You earn ₦20 for every Single post you comment on
  • You earn ₦10 for viewing a post: That means if you click and open any update you will be credited automatically with ₦10
  • For every single page you view, you will get ₦10
  • the most wooing part is that you earn the whole sum of ₦100 for sharing sponsored posts on social media
  • You earn the whole sum ₦50 of  for daily Login (this is indeed great
  • You get ₦50 Welcome Bonus as soon as your account is activated to premium membership
  • You earn N200for posting relevant and interesting topic. You earn more between N500 to N1000 when you post more unique and original content on any categories.
  • You earn ₦1000 As a referral Commission


Can you now see that the earning potential at Nnuforum is far different from other income programs? This is one major reason why you must join as it keeps trending (Mind you everything written here is subject to change which means they may decide to reshuffle their commissions tomorrow) Join on time and enjoy while it lasts

How to withdraw From Nnuforum Income Program

The most important thing about any income program you join is getting out your money. To withdraw from Nnuforum you must reach their payment Threshold which is ₦5000 and withdrawal portal is open every Last day of the month.

That’s they pay every month, so as that you can withdraw your earnings every last day of the month. As for now they are paying without referral and am very sure when they’ve got more members they will change the withdrawal policy.

How to Join Nnuforum income program

The registration is just as easy as when you’re registering on other income programs. Follow the registration link below and complete your registration. after you’re done registering you can activate your account by making payment online or getting coupon code from the coupon sellers.


Nnuforum Review: How does Nnuforum Works? (2019 Review) 2
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If you pay online using your ATM card, Your account will be activated immediately after successful payment but if you wanna use a coupon you will have to pay to coupon dealers account while they send you the coupon code for activation.

Nnuforum Review: How does Nnuforum Works? (2019 Review) 2
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I prefer the online payment method and as a matter of fact, that’s what I use because it’s more convenient.

Wrapping Up: Nnuforum Review- Is Nnuforum scam or Legit?

With my spy interview on group and teams of the website it’s said to be legitimate and scam free and i will update you with Nnuforum payment proofs soon.

Meanwhile: My advice for you is “Don’t delay till the system is flooded before you join if not you might find it difficult to earn fast, Get paid easily and other headaches attached when members are too plenty on a system.

You aren’t the only one reading this Nnuforum income program review: Just as you read some others are reading and many people are taking action already. don’t be left out. Let’s rock it while it last.

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