8 Most Profitable Blog Niche you can go for in 2019

Did you know that getting a profitable blog niche that pays well is the first step to successful blogging? The worse thing that will ever happen to you is blogging about non lucrative blogging ideas that will earn you nothing or niches you have very little or no knowledge about. You will be like Studying mathematics in the high institution instead of act. Am sure you know how frustrating that would be.

There are many lucrative blogging ideas for 2019 but am not gonna talk about what others have been suggesting for ages instead i want this article to be practical showing you how to do things with the best practices that works for every niche but before i get started Sharing with you some 2019 profitable blog niches, let me throw more light on the words ‘Blogging Niches’ for newbies sake.

Each time you meet some folks to show you steps to start a successful blog all you hear is ‘Buy Hosting, Choose a lucrative niche, start blogging. and you’re like how do i pick lucrative blogging niche? this is one reason i have put out this post to help you understand more about blogging ideas before suggesting some 2019 profitable blog niches you can get started with.

Understanding Blogging Niche like a Pro

There are three things you must take note of before launching your new blog. which are listed below.

  • What Did you want to Blog about(Niche)
  • Your Domain name (A name that people will type in their browsers to access your Blog)
  • The platform you will use in making your site (The Blogging Host)

I won’t explain all of the above because am not concerned about them here in this article instead let’s talk about the first on the list which is (Blogging Niche).

In a simple definition, Blogging niche means what you want to blog about. E.g Music, Videos, Make money online, tech, Health, Politics, News , Lifestyle, Act, Science, Relationship and date, HowTos, etc….. the list is almost unlimited.

Anything you intend to blog about is what is known as your blogging niche and there are some certain factors you must consider when choosing your niche to avoid blogging about the wrong ones. Can you do well on that niche? If yes then go ahead but if no then think of other niches where you can be called a guru- i mean niches related to the areas of your expertise because you tends to do better in them.

Another essential factor you must consider when choosing lucrative blogging niche is “How competitive is the niche” This is one factor that many Nigerian bloggers specifically has undermined making them fall prey for niches where they can never stand tall E.g Entertainment, Music and Videos , News etc. No matter how you try on these niches you will always find it hard to come out tall because the competition is just too high and unbearable.

A lucrative niche is the one you can easily find your ways out to success without much struggle competing with many other blogs in the same category

Getting Lucrative Niche Idea: In one format

There’s one good method i use in

Use Keywords research Tools to find keywords that people are searching for with less competition (Or keywords that no one or very little people has built niche around).

E.g I was doing Keywords research when i stumbled on these keywords Codesmr With about 5,400 Monthly search volume. Merely looking at the keywords i cannot rank for it if i blog it but i can rank for it if i build a niche around it so i created a new niche blog called CodesMr
where i write articles about Blogging related stuffs in relationship to Nigeria and in just few months am already ranking for the focused keywords.

Building niche around keywords is one easy way to rank because your main keywords will show up in your domain name just like the above example given…

The above illustration might not be too easy to understand for newbies but am sure some folks will learn something that’s why i gave the example. Having learnt that, Let me give you some niche suggestions which you might look upon in your next blogging step. Remember this post isn’t to teach you how to find niche but only to suggest some new in town niches which am about to do now. I was only writing all of the above inscriptions for easy and better understanding.

2019 profitable blog niches to make money easily

You can tap into the below profitable micro niche ideas and start a sound blog around them .

  • Applications Review Niche:

    Did you know you can start a micro niche on just app reviewsand you will find it very easy to get traffic?

    8 Most Profitable Blog Niche you can go for in 2019 2
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    You will only have to pick Domain name that’s related to what you want to do e.g AppsthatPay.Net, EarningAppsNg.com, Makecashapps etc. Do keywords research and start publishing posts related to your niche based on keywords research. E.g How to make money using Some particular Apps, money making apps in Nigeria, Best Survey apps etc……… All your topics will be around your niche which will only be talking about apps.

    You will be reviewing Money making apps in particular.

  • Registration Guide Niche:

    Am sure you’re like Hmmm what type of niche is this again? Am only suggesting these micro blog niches based on personal research and what i feel about them.

    8 Most Profitable Blog Niche you can go for in 2019 3
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    For every Online portal which allows users to register, there’s always searches using the words registration guide. Some examples (NNU registration, Blog9ja registration guide, Newspay Registration etc) Most of such keywords has been driving traffic to my website normally that’s how i get to know that building a niche around it can be very lucrative.

    Your work is showing people how to register on any portal at all. perhaps step by step guides with screenshots on all of your posts. For easy ranking don’t forget to add your keywords in your domain name e.g RegistrationLab.com, RegisterHow.com etc..

  • Contact Details Niche

    Another lucrative micro niche idea is ‘Contact details Niche’. Here you will only be going around digging and sharing Relevant contact details and brands which you know well people might be searching for.

    8 Most Profitable Blog Niche you can go for in 2019 4
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    E.g PalmCredit Contact details, Eco bank contact details,Linda Ikeji Contact, Timaya phone numbers, etc Remember to always use your keywords in your domain name e.g ContactDetails.Net, Allcontact.com, etc.

    You can extend this niche by talking about the best places in the world, the finest places in Nigeria, How to travel to certain location, Cost of traveling to particular places etc.

  • Google AdSense Niche

    AdSense is gradually becoming the talk of the day to all bloggers and you can take advantage by creating a micro niche around it where you only discuss AdSense in common. E.g How to get AdSense Approval, How to withdraw from AdSense, How to verify AdSense, etc…

    8 Most Profitable Blog Niche you can go for in 2019 5
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    This niche will drive massive traffic as soon as authority is established. And it have high earning potential since you can render services like “Verifying AdSense, Helping clients withdraw for certain commissions, Getting AdSense approved for blogs etc.

  • Beyond your Country Niche

    Sometimes you don’t only stick to focusing on local targeting or global targeting instead you look beyond targeting your country or doing global targeting. And how can you archive this?

    8 Most Profitable Blog Niche you can go for in 2019 6
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    You archive this by doingcountry based keywords researchs to find some certain niches that are high in demand in other countries. In that case you will be blogging other countries from your own country.

    E.g You can be in Nigeria blogging about how to make money online in Ghana, School gists in Ghana, Music Blog in Kenya etc.. This is because most of the blogging niches that might be too competitive in your own country can be very loosed and easy to rank in other countries. Remember to always add your country name in the domain name you want to purchase it’s also an important ranking factor even though it’s not compulsory.

  • HowTos Niche

    From ages to ages this niche will forever remain evergreen because people won’t stop the quest for how to solve problems.

    8 Most Profitable Blog Niche you can go for in 2019 7
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    Problem solving blogs tends to grow very fast because people are searching everyday for how to do one thing or the other online. You can also get started on this niche and you will always stand tall if you do it the right way.

  • Coupon and Promo Niche

    This niche might not be evergreen because promo codes only last a short while but even with that you can turn it to a very lucrative niche since Coupons and promos are endless.

    8 Most Profitable Blog Niche you can go for in 2019 8
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    This niche is all about you digging out promotional offers and sharing with audience in need of them. Almost every brand run promo so you blog can be an update ground about current promos from different brands online.

  • List Of (Blogging Niche)

    This is another lucrative micro niche where you can easily make your ways to success since many people make their searches with the list added to their search phrases.

    8 Most Profitable Blog Niche you can go for in 2019 9
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    You will only be writing about articles that talk on lists e.g List of Blog Builders for 2019, List of lucrative blogging ideas that pays, top List of Musicians in Nigeria etc. Everything you write will be in list and you will get your topic ideas based on keywords research and not just writing at random.

These certainly are not all the questions to ask yourself, but they should give a pretty clear indication on what niches will be best for you in the long-term.

  1. How much you care about this topic.
  2. How much unique expertise you have in this topic.
  3. How easy is it to monetize this topic.
  4. How competitive is this topic.
  5. Can you develop a full content strategy around this topic?
  6. What will be the biggest challenges in this niche?
    What unique advantages do you have in this niche?
  7. How will you stand out?

Wrapping Up: 8 Most profitable blog niches

Find a Niche, Create a blog in Your niche, Write the best topics in your niche, Attract new customers: This is the whole process involves in successful blogging in a short form.

What would you want to blog about next? Think again and use the inscriptions above to measure your niche if you’re good to go or not. If you find the above article helpful why not help us share and tweet this page and also subscriber for more updates. I still have more to share with you regarding  profitable blog niches so don’t miss out

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