Learn blogging season 3: What Should I do after Choosing a brand name?

Learn blogging season 3
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Learn blogging season 3: What after a brand name?

Hey folks, I hope you all are doing great (although I know no one is reading such simplistic approaches when the whole world is busy battling google by SEO techniques). In my previous post, I described the process of finding a blog/brand name and registering the domain and making at least three social media accounts for your presence.

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I strongly stopped you from buying hosting and posting contents, even after it is the simple thing and simply looks the simple step. But if you are doing so, what is the difference between you and millions of failing people who made a blog and ended their journey because they do not have an idea what to post?

In this post, I will tell you the next step to do after naming your brand/ blog and registering a domain name.

Step-1: Make a simple logo, Profile picture and cover picture for your social media:

Yes, you read right, I said you to make a simple and unique logo for your brand. No spending of 100 dollars or hiring a graphic designer. No one needs better than your brand so why not start it yourself. You don’t need to be an expert to design a simple text logo or icon for your brand. You just need a paper, a pen and thought process. When you are ok with it, go with illustrator. If it looks bulky pick the ages-old PowerPoint to design a logo.

Need to fix some icons in your logo or profile picture of social media pages use: the noun project. Design your profile picture and cover pages using crello.com or the same PowerPoint. Upload it on pages, fill the important details so your page does not look a page made in hurry.

Wait do not invite your friends and known people to like an empty page. Every third to the fifth person is doing same on social media.

Step-2: Mind place technique of content creation:

Now you have three different social media profiles, a brand identity for the work you want to do it. So let’s do it.

There are three different type of contents you will find on social media- A textual, a visual image and an audiovisual content.Start posting regularly on your social media pages. I prefer simply three posts a day by making them in one night before and scheduling for three different times on the next day.

So if you see closely we have three different type of contents and three different times giving us a combination of 9 different patterns which you could cover in 9 days and then repeat it for next 51 days making it totally 60 days. Invite your know people to your page after 15 days having 45 posts already on the page. It will help you to learn and them to grasp something new.

See your insights and find the posts having better engagement and reach, simultaneously analyse similar blogs
Facebook pages and tries to find some evergreen and long lasting topics, titles which could be of your interest.

Step-3 Create content:

Start writing/ podcasting/vlogging your contents based on the insights you got from social media pages and pages of a similar type of blogs. Create at least 15-20 such type of contents and store them on your drive. Not post them on social media or go for posting on your blog.

The major problem with the bloggers is they face a lot of writers or content creation block and the best way is to tackle it is creating content in advance. If you are not interested, it will never happen and you will not lose anything except 1000 rupee for the domain which could be recovered by selling it to someone else and a few free social media pages.

However, if you are interested enough you will create 20 evergreen and everlasting pillar article/content for your next brand/blog.
That’s all for today, what to do next will be covered in the next article.

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Peace and happy learning blogging.


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