Learn Blogging season 2- Choose a Domain name to Fit your Niche

Learn blogging season 2

Learn Blogging Season 2

The business of naming your brand new blog:

So you decided to go for a blog either for your company, for your personal brand identity or for creating a new brand. If you are overwhelmed with the thought of how to go on initially here is the way.

A- If you are already established company: I assume you have already done the brand development and have a website.

You just need to install a CMS capable of handling blogging (most of the times WordPress) to install in either subdomain or subdirectory.

Since Google gives equal weight to both, there are no issues where are you going to install your blog.

Few blogs and experts claim that switching from subdomain to subdirectory has increased the search engine visibility, but you can’t go with biased data because no study checked the vice-versa.

In the eyes of Google, both locations are similar, and it looks in the same way during indexing’ So if we now nullify the fact of SEO believing in google spokespersons; the decision of installing blogging CMS in subdomain or subdirectory mostly relies on- is it different from what you are doing in routine or similar?

For example- you have a website (located at www.xyz.com) mostly dealing with fashion, but now you want to blog about personal things or your opinions.
You may go in two ways-

  • First- www.xyz.com/opinions (if these opinions and all things are associated with fashion and an integral part of your business).
  • Second-opinions.xyz.com (if it is related to something new, completely not associated with your present work.)

A- If you are going to blog alone or create a brand: You are new and want to start from scratch then it will be quite a time consuming and will require a lot of homework.

Because blogging is not something buying a domain and hosting and start claiming on your profile: b

Codesmr@codesmr.com.ng, so let’s start dwelling into deep.

1- What is your purpose: why do you want to blog? Leave the earning money behind at present but think of why you want to communicate with this online world.

2- If you got the answer of why most probably now you know what you have to write. in a single word you know your subject of writing or in blogging terms you know your niche.
3- Don’t worry if you are not able to find your niche or interest to write because most of the people are like you and we are interested in more than one thing at a single time.
You, yourself had experienced it previously when you see the video or read the content of some comedian/ influencer/blogger/roaster you all get a thought ahh! it’s not tricky, I can also do that shit.
Even we say a lot about tiktok /Vigo people, but the difference is they are doing, and we are just sitting and claiming we can do it.

4- If you found your niche- write at least ten different words (preferably adjective and noun) related to your field and start making brand names on paper.
You may go to Leandomainsearch and make this process automated and find your desired and compelling name and stop there don’t go for hosting don’t go for fucking writing.

Nothing sit and admire your brand name and make at least three different social media accounts with the same brand name.
you could take help of namechk to find availability of the name on various social media. Pick social media according to your work. If you are an artist, it would be good to have a DeviantArt profile than twitter.

5- So you are like me. not sure or a jack of all trade and master of all. Confused enough to blog on a single topic. Go and find a generic name which is not related to a single field.
For example, shoutmeloud.com is a blogging resource now, but it could be a youth opinion platform or just a podcast network.

6- Do a similar task as step four and find at least ten different words and make a brand name from them. There are a lot of people in the blogging community saying you should fix a keyword in your brand name/domain name
but why just for the sake of getting traffic.

Is it possible to deviate the search engine algorithm by just putting tech or food word in your domain name? No, it is more than that.

Go with generic it will help you, in the long run, to sustain and create a brand identity without having issues of copyright infringement.

Here is the example– I started blogging in 2013 on fashluby.com talking about young celebrity , but soon I fed up and ran out of ideas, I started writing about personal stuff and boom- no one is interested in reading it.
While my other brand names are free from all these issues. For example, BenchNEXT could be a research blog talking about problems researchers face on their tables; it could be a modular furniture business, A tech company dealing with next-generation desktop development or simply an online magazine talking about technology, history science, etc.

Another example is popular popxo.com you may go by that way also where Priyanka gill first started blogging on estylista.com and then when getting popular moved on more generic name popxo.com building a whole female-centric magazine.

Although in this you require specific tech expertise to retain your old viewers.😤😤

7- I hope you will be able to find a brand name respective and catchy enough by just finding some words which interest you combining them yourself with different words, taking help of leandomainsearch, namechk or other tools like (namelix). You may also consider going with your name as brand name using your initials Like Kennedy Prosper, Charles Umeanakor, Codesmr, or me. Now when you have one in mind and paper go and register it (especially domain name)

That is all for today, in the next part I will talk about what to do with captured domain name/ brand name and moving forward in the blogging journey.

Disclaimer: the name, tools, and domains are the property of individuals /organization copying them or buying another extension of the same name may get you in serious legal troubles.


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