Terms you Must Know About Keywords Tag As a Blogger

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Keywords tag
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Terms you Must Know About Keywords Tag As a Blogger

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  • Keyword density
  • keyword proximity
  • keyword frequency

All plays a major role in SEO. I’ll discuss all the terms related to keyword one by one. Many people stuff the keywords in the web page, but it is not a good thing. Stuffing of keywords comes under the category of BlackHat SEO.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is the percentage of periods a keyword is found on your web page.  In simple words, it is the ratio of the number of keywords and the total number of words. For example, if you have a page of 100 words on it including title, alt text of images, and you have a keyword that is on the web page 2 times, then your keyword solidity is 3%.

Keyword Density= (number of keywords/ total number of words) *100

I would like to mention here that keyword density should not be more than 2 %.  There are many tools to find the density of the keyword. I prefer SEO Checker to check the keyword density.

Keyword Proximity

Many people are not aware with this term. Keyword proximity means closeness of keywords.

For example: This post is related to Keyword Proximity. The phrase Keyword Proximity is the key term. .Here Keyword is a one keyword and Proximity is another keyword.

For better keyword proximity you should use both keywords in the content of WebPages.

Keyword Frequency

Keyword Frequency represents how frequently a keyword phrase or keyword seems to be within a web page. In common, I suggest that you ensure that the most essential keyword phrase or keyword is the most frequently use keywords and terms in a web page.

But be careful; don’t try to abuse the system by duplicating the same keyword over and over again.

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