Keyword Research 2020: Find Best Keyword For Free

In this post, I’m going to share EVERYTHING about keyword research.

How you can find the best keywords for your new blog post.

Why do you need to learn keyword research?

Why keyword research is important.

And how keyword research helps you to rank higher in the google search result.

I will also share practical examples that will help you to research keywords easily.

Let’s Start.



What Are Keywords?

Keywords are the short words or short sentences that we type in google and google shows us the best result.

It means which helps us to define our content to Google. In terms of SEO, keywords are words and phrases. Like when you type something in google, you saw some different phrases which match with your given word.

Keyword Research 2020
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Why do you need to learn keyword research?

Keyword research is important because keywords tell Google that your content about. When someone searches they type keywords only then google shows them the best relevant blog match with that keyword.

So before you write any new blog post you need to find some keywords, which keywords you want to rank for. In post keyword is main but if you write only keywords and keywords don’t make any sense google never shows that post.

So you need to learn keyword research.

3 The important place to use keywords

When you starting writing one post you need to use your keyword in 3 important areas.

  1. In the H1 tag. This means you need to use your keyword in your title tag.
  2. In Description. Yes, you need to use your keywords’ minimum 2 times in Meta Description of the blog post.
  3. In URL. When you are righting one post you need to use your keyword in your URL.

This 3 place is must you need to implement your keywords.

How to use keywords in the main content

When you are started writing your article in the first paragraph you need to explain your keywords.

Like your keyword is “On-Page SEO“, In the first paragraph you need to explain what is “On-page SEO“. Example.

On Page SEO is the main factor in the ranking method now. To rank any post you need to do On page SEO…….

I guess you understand how you need to use your keyword in content.

Now if you are righting big articles like 1,000 words to 2,000 Words article. You need to find some longtail keywords match with your main keyword.

Like your main keyword is “on-page SEO” so you need to find this type of longtail phrase of keywords.

“how to do on-page SEO”, “on-page SEO help us to gain more visitors”, like this you need to find longtail phrases of your keywords.

How you can find the best longtail keywords for free

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Type your main keyword.

Step 3: And give space after a type of keyword. Then you will see the much long-tail phrase of your keywords.

You can also find more keywords. Type your keyword and press enter and come last on the page and you will see Search Related to your keyword

Use this keyword in your article. These keywords will boost your content value. And it will help you to rank faster in google. I also use this free technique to find long-tail keywords.

3 Step To Know About your Keyword Competition

To know your keyword competition, you just need a simple google search.

Let’s See how you can.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Type your keyword in the inverted comma. Like “<Your Keyword>”.

Step 3: Observe the search result.

Here you can see “36,90,000 results” found means it is a high competition keyword and 36,90,000 websites already posted the same article. So it will be difficult to rank for this keyword.

To rank this type of high competition keyword, you need to write a minimum 2000 words article and you need to use longtail phrase of your keywords.

How I Research Keywords

When I think about to write an article I start to find the best keywords. You cant expect how I research my keywords for my regular blog post. I use google and UberSuggest.

You can read my full review of Ubersuggest and why it is the best free keyword research tool.

Ubersuggest is a free tool by Neil Patel. He bought Ubersuggest and integrated on his website. In here Neil used his brain. He provided paid thing for free that’s how he increased his traffic. You can also use same trick. Provide paid things for free.

Lets type keyword “on-page SEO”. Now Click on search.

Here you can see Uubersuggest shows us “Search Volume”, “SEO Difficulty”, “Paid Difficulty” and “CPC”. From here you got the idea about the keyword.

Keyword Research: Find Best Keyword For Free 8
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Now we need some long phrases of this keyword. Click on the keywords idea. Now here Ubersuggest suggests you best longtail keywords which you need to use in your article.

Keyword Research: Find Best Keyword For Free 9
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Simple google helps me to find longtail terms and to know about my competitor. Form google I collect 5 keywords then I put those keywords to Ubersuggest where Ubersuggest show me all competition and more longtail phrases.

You can also use these 2 tools for keyword research. But it doesn’t mean that big paid tools like Ahref,  SEMRUSH, KWFinder, etc not good.


These paid tools are used to research big keywords. Big keywords mean to find very low competition keywords.

But if you are the beginner and don’t have much money to invest in these tools use my free method.

Don’t Do this

If you are writing the post you need to maintain keywords but don’t spam keywords. Mean write articles don’t take care of keyword density too much. If you spam keyword Google can penalize your site.

Keyword Is The Main Key To Rank The Article.



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If you are having any questions or you are facing any issue feel free to comment down below I will definitely reply to you.


Thank You.

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