How to Start a WordPress Blog in Nigeria for Free [2020 review]

How to Start a WordPress Blog in Nigeria for Free

How To Start a Blog In Nigeria For Free With WordPress and make thousands of naira within few months and become your own boss

Just because you started your own blog and you would be publishing blog posts that get ranked on search engines such as Google

You are now a blogger (Crafting contents is your job from now on)

now you already learned how to start a blog in Nigeria for free using free blogging tools made for bloggers (WordPress)

There is no better feeling than doing it for yourself and I meant by you making your own money from home just by writing a long piece of content that would help other blogger and readers find their true callings

When I started blogging I did not just know what I was doing then but all I knew that I wanted to make more money for myself and I lost my way just because I wanted to be a blogger

$10 isn’t too costly to get your website to Google first page with professional WordPress SEO settings. Click here to get started in setting your WordPress SEO

If you want to be a successful WordPress blogger then you should completely leave money out of your mind, but focus on what you have to offer that would change lives

Create something different from other bloggers and when people start coming into your blog they would see the amount of effect that you are putting out there just for them to get what they wanted and you would make it

You need to have your own blog first just before we start building making money with WordPress platform

Table of Content

  1. Purchase Getting Domain Name
  2. Decide on Your Desired Niche
  3. Blog Header Logo
  4. Choosing Best Blogging Platform
  5. Best Web Hosting Service For Blogs
  6. Installing WordPress Blogging Platform
  7. Making WordPress Blog Visible For Search Engines
  8. Creating Your First Post
  9. Publish Written Post
  10. Share On Social Media


1. Purchase Getting Domain Name

Your blog domain name should talk about your brand and what you have to offer for when you start generating traffic onto your blog

Pick a name that is easy to spell for when someone hears your blog name so they would not forget it

I choose for my blog because it is easy to spell and easy to remember and all my friends know my blog name

The easier your domain name is the better for you and your brand will grow but never pick a long name for a domain name

Example is a bad domain name to choose if you are starting your own bolg, it is too long and will be hard for users to type and spell

So I recommend you pick something more simple and easy to remember

 .com is better to use if you wanted to start a blog

Now you understand what i was trying to say

Enjoying finding your own domain name and start publishing your own contents and rank high on search engines

How to Start a WordPress Blog in Nigeria for Free
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2. Decide on your desired niche

If you are going to run a niche site then you have to think carefully before you start your blog

Publish what you know about and if you start off wrong you will not enjoy yourself much because you will find it hard to publish original true content for your WordPress blog

I know more about WordPress blogging, SEO and anything relating to web development and social media stuff which is why I can write any content relating to any subject

If i started a blog for cooking I would fail badly because i know nothing about food and creating of recipes

So pick your subject carefully just before you start blogging or even writing your contents

Make sure you have loads of details to your contents for they would help your readers find their way around your tutorials faster

3. Blog Header Logo

The blog logo should be easy to read and make sure it talks about your brand never add too much color when you are picking the colors you wanted to add

Logo talks a lot about a blog and if you have a beautifully simple logo for your blog then you have already passed the test of awesomeness

Pay a good graph designer to make a beautiful logo for your brand and never still anyone design because other brands might come after you and slam you with a lawsuit

4. Choosing Best Blogging Platform

When you are building and creating your blog for making money, WordPress is the best blogging platform for every blogger and it is recommended for new and old professionals that write and publish content onlinefor readers

WordPress is easy to read and understand and if you are new to the platform then you will master the bad boy software within six months and you will be able to create any type of website

Types Of Website You Create With WordPress

  • Blog Website
  • School Website
  • Video Website
  • Streaming Website
  • Currency Website
  • Static Website
  • News Website
  • So much more

Many people think you can only build a blog on WordPress but they do not knot that it has changed over the years

WordPress has gotten a lot of help from contributors that helped to build and upgrade the platform by making it a strong software that holds over 40% website on the world wide web.

5. Best Web Hosting Service For Blogs

The Best Web Hosting Service For Blogs is Domainking and I love them so much for they offer the best hosting and have fast servers

How to Start a WordPress Blog in Nigeria for Free
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When you need to start a blog choose Bluehost for creating your WordPress blog and you will get a lot of benefits just by using their service for your business

How to Start a WordPress Blog in Nigeria for Free
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Just pick your hosting plan that you want and make payment to start creating your blog

They also have the best tech support for if you have an error on your blog it would be worked on and fixed within a few hours and I love all that they offer

You can pay for your website with your credit card and start to publish contents straight up

domainking payment
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6. Installing WordPress Blogging Platform

Now you can start creating and building your own blog and make more money with your true content that you write

First lets install WordPress Onto your web host that you bought and paid for

After you paid for your domain and hosting then you receive a mail containing your C-panel that is where you will install WordPress so lets us get started

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Now scroll down you will see Softaculous Apps Installer ( Click on it and a list of web apps will be displayed)

  • Save

Now select WordPress from the list

install WordPress
  • Save
  • The Version Of WordPress you want to install
  • A protocol that you want for WordPress
  • The domain you want to install WordPress on
  • Choose your desired Directory you want WordPress to be installed on
How to Start a Wordpress Blog in Nigeria for Free [2020 review] 1
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WordPress should be installed on your server now start Blogging and create awesome contents

7. Making WordPress Blog Visible For Search Engines

WordPress blogs get picked up by search engines faster but if you want them not to have your contents you can decide that

Wait a min

We all want a search engine to pick our content faster and we also want more traffic for our blogs

Two things will make your blog show up on Google faster and let me show you how it is done

  1. First, visit the settings > Permalinks and make sure you select post name
How to Start a Wordpress Blog in Nigeria for Free [2020 review] 2
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2. Visit the settings > Reading and make sure it is unchecked

How to Start a Wordpress Blog in Nigeria for Free [2020 review] 3
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If it is checked just know that Your WordPress blog will not show up on any search engine now you know what happens if it is ticked

8. Creating Your First Post

When you are about to create a blog post and you want to start making some cool money with your posts then you need to make sure you write awesome articles onto your blog

Craft something that helps and solves the solution of anyone that views the post and not create more problems for the reader

Write long and informative contents and optimized it for search engines for they will pick up what you have written for them to index

Remember you are writing for people to read and not for search engines and all your words should be simple and easy to read

So to create and publish a post hover over to Posts at the to Conner > and click on Add New

9. Publish Written Post

Now that you have written your posts and added the right words and images to that same post

Consider adding some links to that post for other users will be able to find your other posts on that same article and they would be able to search and read more of your contents

Link to other blogs as well but be mindful of the links that you add to your post because if you add a bad link for them to click and that will bring down your blog

After you are done with your post edit at the top right Conner click on the Publish button to post your well-written content on your blog for the world to see

10. Share On Social Media

Sharing your blog content on social media or hire a professional SEO Expert is  great for generating more traffic and getting more people  to find and read your content

Have your company create a Twitter and Facebook page for your small blog

Social media is not dead and if that is what you think then you are wrong

Loads of people still make money through the help of social media

$10 isn’t too costly to get your website to Google first page with professional WordPress SEO settings. Click here to get started in setting your WordPress SEO

Enjoy Blogging and crafting awesome content for search engines and now you know how to start a blog in Nigeria with WordPress and make some cool income after few months you started crafting some cool super long informative contents that rank on Google

After a few years of blogging and your WordPress blog Domain Authority will grow and you would have taken over social media and on Google


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