How to Install Custom ROMs in Your Android Phone

How to Install Custom ROMs in Your Android Phone 1
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How to Install Custom ROMs in Your Android Phone

Hello, Guys. Today, I am Going To Show You How To Download And Install Any Custom ROMs onto Your Android Phone. So, Let’s Get Started.

Custom ROMs: “ROM” Means Read Only Memory. The Android is An Open Source Tool, So Any Developer Can Edit the Code, Compile It, and Publish to the World. Nowadays, Many Developers Rebuild the Android Source and Add Lots of New Functionality like Night Mode, DND, Android Version, Battery Backup, Performance, Design, etc., Which Can Be Very Useful For Many Users.

When You Buy an Android Phone, It Comes With The “Stock ROM,” And It Has Limited Functionality As Defined By The Manufacturer of The Phone. However, When You Flash the Custom ROM, You Will Unlock The Extra Features and Performance.

1) ADB Driver For Your Computer.
2) Custom Recovery
3) Gapps (This Means Google Apps. Basically, The Custom Rom Does Not Come With Google Apps Like Gmail, Drive, Google Assistant, etc.).
4) Custom ROM

Downloading Custom Roms

To Download the Custom Rom For Your Phone With Google Apps Package:

Step 1 – First, Check Your Model Number By Going To Setting > About Phone > Model Number. The Model Number is the Unique Name of Your Phone.

Step 2 – After That, Type the “Custom ROM Name” With Your “Model Number” into Google and Hit Enter. Many Websites Can Give You the Custom ROM File. Custom ROM Files Are Between 1Gb and 1.5Gb in Size.

Step 3 – Download the Gapps using the OpenGapps Website.

Installing Custom ROMs

So, Let’s Get Started.

Step 1 – If You Are A New Android User and You Don’t Know How To Unlock Bootloader, Then Follow The Steps That Are Given By this Website.

Step 2 – After That, Extract the Download Zip File of Custom ROM and Gapps. Also Download the Custom Recovery To Install the ROM and Copy the ROM File, Gapps, and Custom Recovery Onto Your Computer.

Step 3 – Now, Shut Down Your Phone and Then Press Vol Down + Power Button For Five Second. You, Will, See the Fastboot Mode is Open On Your Device.

Step 4 – Now Connect Your Android Phone (in Fastboot mode) to Your Computer. On Your Computer, Open Cmd and Write Code
“Fastboot Devices”

If Your Phone is Visible On the List, Then You are Doing Very Well. If Your Device is Not On the List, You Will Comment so I will help You With Your Problem.

Step 5 – To install Custom Recovery, First of all, go to your Folder Where You save The Custom Recovery File and press Shift + Right Click That Will Open The Options Menu, click on the Open CMD Here or Open Powershell Here.

Step 6 – Now Write The Command
“Fastboot boot Your_Recovery_name.img”
You Put Your Recovery Name in The Your_Recovery_name.img Area.
For Example:-
If My Custom Recovery Name Twrp.img, then I am Write
“fastboot boot Twrp.img”

Step 7 – Now You Can See your Phone is Rebooting In Recovery Mode as You see The Below Photo For Your Help.

Step 8 – After Custom Recovery Successfully Installed, You Backup Your Data So if Your System is not Probably installed then You Recover The Data From Backup. So Make Sure You Backup Your all File And System.

Step 9 – Now select the Option wipe and Wipe all the Data. After that Go To your Computer And copy the ROM file and Gapps into the Phone Internal Storage.

Step 10 – After Copying the File, In Your Phone, Go to install Option And Select The Two File And Install then. After installing the File, You see the Reboot option. Select The Reboot Option.

Hurry. You Install the Custom ROM To Your Android Phone. If You are enjoying The Blog Leave the comment about Your First Installation Experience To All User. Moreover, Do Subscribe With Your Email Address To Get Update When We Post New BLog.

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