How To Convert Recharge Card To Money Using Aimtoget

I folks, I welcome you to a new tutorial which is going to teach you on how to convert airtime to cash. I am not talking about the airtime you guys have not recharged, am talking about the already recharged one, some people will still don’t believe because they think it’s fake. Well, it’s what I thought too until I tried it out myself. To keep the story short, here is a quick guide on how to do it. Today I will be introducing you to an app called AimtoGet

How To Convert Recarge Card To Money Using Aimtoget
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Aimtoget is an app designed mainly for Nigerians created for the purpose converting airtime of all networks to cash in less than 5minutes with some other cool features which are listed below this tutorial.

How To Convert Recharge Card To Money

Step 1.

Fund Your Wallet

  • Signup or Login (if you have an account already) and Navigate to Fund and select Airtime option
  • Select Network (the SIM Network you want to fund the airtime from e.g MTN)
  • Fill in the required input fields and transfer to the number displayed
  • Click Complete.

Step 2.

Withdraw Funds

  • Navigate to withdraw option
  • Input account details and amount to withdraw
  • Click continue to complete the withdrawal process

Then you are done, you just turned your airtime to cash

Note: Funding takes up to 4 minutes to reflect on your wallet while withdrawal system is being processed instantly

Few of the newly introduced Aimtoget services

• Converting airtime of all network to cash (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE)
• Instant airtime top-up
• Automated data delivery
• Bill payment (Gotv, Dstv, and lots more…)
• Airtime swap
• E-card
• SMS advert
• Scan to pay (on mobile app)
• Perfect payment gateway for ATM Card funding. etc.

Features of Aimtoget App

• Easy to navigate platform
• Email notification – Instant email alert for all transactions
• More detailed transaction history
• SMS alert
• Transaction PIN – Securing wallet funds / transactions. etc.


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