How to Build an Online Community Around Your Blog? A Step by Step Guide!

How to Build an Online Community Around Your Blog? A Step by Step Guide!
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How to Build an Online Community Around Your Blog

To create a community around your blog is a totally different ball game altogether. Take an example, you create a blog about restaurants in your city. You have the best images uploaded in your blog, you have written about them in great detail and you have the most interesting insights about those restaurants.

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But still, your blog hasn’t got a good amount of readership, nor you have got any shares on social media. And to top it all, you just can’t understand what’s wrong with your blog.

Most bloggers miss out a very important part of the blog, an online community! Your blog might be getting a decent amount of audience, but it doesn’t need an audience, it needs a community. Audience are passive, community is active. A community actively participates, while an audience just silently passes away.

Now wondering how to build an online community around your blog? We present you a step by step guide to help you build an online community that will surely take your blog to the next level.

Step 1 – Decide your Niche !!

Don’t confuse your readers about what actually your blog is about. You target audience and your blog’s niche must be decided, even before thinking of building your community.

The best possible way to decide or master this step is to write blogs about what you are passionate about. We all are passionate about one or the other thing. If you are blogging about, let’s say your childhood passion, football, then you’ll have a ton of things to write about.

For example, you can create content about your favorite football club, or the local sports store to visit or maybe you can write stories about your childhood football legends.

Deciding your niche gives your blog a vision and direction.

If you write about food for someday and cars for the other few days, you’ll surely confuse your audience.

To make a mark, you need to be specific and unique as well.

Step 2 – Don’t be an AI

Your writing or your blog’s layout should never look or feel like it was written by a robot. Now imagine taking advice from a robot on topics like divorce or pregnancy! Weird isn’t it?

You writing should have a human touch to it. That simply means that it should be interactive as well as simple to read. It is simply a blog, don’t make it feel like some official government letter.

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You should ask questions, provide facts, make your reader write some comments, provide infographics, and so on. And if your blog allows, then there’s no harm in adding some memes or gifs in your blog.

Writing is an art. As a writer, you should have the vision and capability of engaging your reader as much as you know.

Step 3 – You need connections

Now that you have decided you nice and your blog has been started, you need to find out ways to bring a potential audience to your blog. There are many ways to do so.

One of the most used ways to do so is guest blogging. Connect to some famous or professional in your niche and get him to guest blog on your blog page. One catch here is who exactly should you offer to guest blog on your blogging page?

Now this is where you have to really play smart. You should really know the previous works, background, upcoming projects, social image, and popularity of guests you are inviting to blog.

One famous practice used these days is to choose the one who has established his connections and is getting famous gradually, rather than choosing the one who is famous but is disconnected from his niche community.

You might not be able to pay money to guest bloggers. But that shouldn’t be a reason to discard guest bloggers. You should opt to offer them services or values in return of the guest blog. You can offer them a dedicated blog for their work, or side banners for their site or something like that.

The biggest advantage of guest blogging is the amount of publicity and audience you get. Imagine a famous chef of your town guest blogs on your blog and then his dedicated audience arrives at your blog to read what the chef has written. That’s a great opportunity to attract a new and potential audience to your blog, which ultimately builds an online community.

Another very famous method of making connections is sending promotional emails to the people of your community. You can create a group of email addresses of your target audience and can use email promoting platforms like MailChimp to do so.

Step 4 – Are you offering value to your community?

A community demands offerings. In order to establish yourself and to build a community around your blog, you need to offer some solutions to common issues of your target community.

You have to closely observe your target’s problems and keep an eye on what the people of that community are searching on the internet.

People are more likely to share something that is a help to their community and something that makes them feel more homely.

There are few common practices that have been implied in targeting people of a certain community, such as :

1. Set target audience: There are certain tools available on the internet that will help you make sure that whatever topics you choose are being searched by your target audience. You get to know the geographical areas from where certain keywords are being searched.

You get to know the frequency of those keywords and you get to analyze the stats of your targets favorite keywords.

2. Categories the content: No doubt you are targeting a certain audience, but you must categories your content. It makes the navigation simpler and helps your target audience explore more of your related blogs.

3. Select theme that connects: If you are targeting a certain community to build your online community, then look out for the themes your competitors are using. Choose the colors prominent in your target communities and make smart use of them.

Step 5 – Social Media is HOT!!

If you neglect social media in building up an online community around your blog, then you are missing something really big. Facebook groups, Pinterest groups, Instagram pages, WhatsApp groups, and many such social media community platforms are a must if you want to engage a large number of audience to your blog.

95.9% of bloggers use social media platforms to promote their blogs(

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The reach of social media is very vast. You never know if any of your content becomes viral. Social media sharing and even cheap paid promotions on such platforms can help your blog to build a trustworthy community around your blog.

These days, social media memes are being used widely to engage the audience on blogs and social media fan pages. You can make good use of that too.

Step 6 – Measure your ROI

Not just for business owners but for bloggers also, measuring the ROI of each and every promotional step taken is important. You just can’t waste your time and money on a promotional method if it is not benefiting you.

There are many tools available on the internet to monitor everything about your blog. To measure your social media progress, you can use Buffer.

Buffer helps you manage different social media accounts from one common dashboard. You get to analyze your progress and see your post’s performance all around.

Another very popular content analyzing tool is BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo is an industry favorite when it comes to choosing a content analytics tool. BuzzSumo enables you to find out what exactly is buzzing around.

Check out 25 Most Helpful Content Marketing Tool For Bloggers to get more know more such amazing content marketing tools for bloggers.



Successful communities around the blog are visioned for long term. You have to develop trust and common understanding with your community. Creating an online community takes a lot of patience and content strategy.

You have to answer questions asked by your community people and share content with them. And also, you have to agree with people to join your community as much as you can.

If your community is not growing, it’s a fools gold.

And if you blogs does monetarily well, then what’s the big deal in appointing a community manager for this purpose. Because at the end of the day, an engaged community not only helps you build relationships but also expands your blogs reach and motivates you to improve your content.

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