How Long Should a Blog Post Be in 2020

“Do I have to write a lengthy blog post to have a better ranking?”

I always receive this question as replies from my readers.

What is your opinion?

How Long Should a Blog Post Be ?

What length should your blog post be?

I have done the analysis for you.With this blog post, I will explain to you what ideal blog post length will continue to work best for you.

How Long Should a Blog Post Be
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With no much ado, let us dive directly in.


 How Long Should a Blog Post be?

Does a Blog Post‘s Count Make a difference??

Even though the size is not the only element that affects the ranking of any blog post, still, it is essential.

Different types of blog articles function differently for different quality reasons.

But hang on, before heading to write your blog post, you need to know what your primary aim is.

  • Is it for more social share?
  • Is it for much more revenue?
  • Or is it for better rankings?

Several studies show that numerous blog post length performs differently for various goals.

But we are going not to explore all the targets here. I’ll only shed light on the better standing since I understand that most of you might have the exact goal.

So far as I have got proficiency in my blogging career, I can find only two principal factors which influence it: target an audience; then spell out your contents.

Before we go over the suitable length of your blog post, I need to clarify something.

Often, people think smaller contents have the potentials to grab speedy interest, and it is the finest for all types of followers.

But are smaller sized posts always the best?

No, this isn’t real.

The small article generally will not mean that it offers a better user-experience and as a result have a natural position.

You will find plentiful factors that influence the ranking, and an excellent user-experience is still one of them.

However, people usually don’t want to commit a lot of time reading on a mobile or laptop or computer monitor. Also, the attention period can vary from an individual to another.

Just what exactly should you do?

You should produce content that is simple, quick, and easily readable by people.

So, let’s go over our subject “the perfect blog post length” in more detail now.

Just how many counts should an ideal blog post be??

There is no mystical formulation, and you are required to follow the correct recommendations, which could increase your website awareness.

An active blog post is made of different components that include keywords, writing type, file format, design, user experience, appearance, attractive subheadings.


The Ideal Length of a Blog Post

When the content is much longer, it does not mean it is of excellent quality. But there are substantial backlinks for a longer time content and better search engine rankings.

Here are the factors highly recommended before creating a 1500-2500 worded long blog posts, which is usually termed as best-

  1.  Relevant Title –

When somebody clicks your content link through google after reading the title and outline, they must be furnished with relevant content.

Relevant content is essential, and it has a positive influence on the position.


  1. Subject matter-

The content subject matter can be another crucial factor, and some content could be quickly covered up inside a post of 1000 words, while some may need a lot more words.

Make sure to make content that is engaging and captivating to readers.


  1. 3. Target Audience –

While creating your content, take into account the age group, gender, and objectives of the target audience.

All this can help you to choose the span of the blog post. Does your audience react properly to for longer time blog posts, or do they really like short and also to the position content?


  1. Purpose of the content-

The principal purpose of a blog post ought to be to instruct, advise, and amuse the audience. All of this will ultimately increase engagement.

Furthermore, the target of the content can be nearly anything preferred to generate visitors. Make sure you are aware of the purpose.


  1. Do not Just Count The words-

A successful blog post is a lot more than just words and written text. You need to concentrate on aspects that boosts user-experience.

Be exceptional by using gifs, memes, visuals, video tutorials, images to enhance your blog posts. This can make the content a lot more fascinating and enjoyable for the audience.

If you want better rankings, good social share, and natural and organic website traffic, then you definitely should go with extended-form content.

Despite the fact that the true figure of extended-form content is not set, but still, based on these studies, you are advised to opt for content articles which range from 1500 word count up to 2500 words and words. Because I got to realize that this range is perfect.

Search engines always offer preference to the content which can be effectively structured, researched, and features relevant details. Manyn and women usually set a good deal of focus on quality than the total variety of counts. Focus on the quality a lot more than the amount.


Pros of the Long Form Blog Posts:

The length of a content won’t directly influence it’s place in the Google SERPs position, but it has numerous gains, which eventually improves the authority of such content.

Properly-research and comprehensive posts are highly productive. And they quickly rise above the crowd with search engines.

Long-tail keywords may include much more in extended contents, which can increase the worth.

Far more useful backlinks will increase the worth of the article. Additionally, viewers will be glad to read through useful content.

Very long blog articles increase credibility, and it also improves audience engagement.


Bottom Line

Hence, to drive profitable traffic to your website, not only does long posts help you target enough keywords, it also helps you deliver a detailed solution a searcher is looking for.

How long do you think blog posts should be?

How Long Should Blog Posts Be in 2020?

Comment below.

4 thoughts on “How Long Should a Blog Post Be in 2020”

  1. I once wrote a blog post of 8000 words to target a keyword; fully optimized. But till today, it’s still on page 3 of SERPs. Length doesn’t really determine these things.

    Thanks again for your sweet article, Mr Fash.

    I can’t wait to come back again tomorrow.

  2. Fash, where una dey see all these beautiful topic ideas… Wao! I think bloggersng has switched to a regular update. This has been my dream.

    well, as to your question, 1000 words have been what my energy can bear and I cannot afford to kill myself. If google likes or not, they shouldn’t gree with that length, an dere wahala b dat


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