How Do I Permanently Buy a Domain? Here is the Answer

Can you really buy a domain name for life?

Whenever you got a domain name for life, it usually means that you’ll maintain the domain name with the life span of such domain’s registrar.

How Do I Permanently Buy a Domain
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Where’s the ideal place to purchase a domain name?

BlueHost is a superb option if you’d prefer web hosting combined with your domain name, or if you want it all to be handled under an umbrella.

NameCheap is as inexpensive as its name implies.

Is purchasing a domain name a one-off purchase?

Purchasing” a domain name does not necessarily mean creating a one-time purchase , and the same time possess the title eternally.

To get rights to your domain name, a person must register it directly using a domain registrar or via a hosting supplier for terms which range from a year to several years.

What’s the least expensive domain registrar?

How do I purchase a domain that’s already taken?

If this is, take heart. You could have the ability to buy your perfect domain name from the domain. You may find the majority of the domains in the aftermarket listed right on This is a superb spot to obtain a domain name that somebody else owns.

Yes, it will matter. Based on which domain name you need to register your domain, there are a few benefits (renewal or registration cost, additional free services, etc.) to deciding upon a specific registrar.


How to Purchase a Parked Domain Name

Measure 1

Locate the domain. Someone could stop by a domain name registrar to learn whether the domain name was bought. If it hasn’t yet been purchased, then everything ought to be simple. But one who finds out that the domain name he needs has been purchased should be ready to negotiate. Should you check the URL and you land on a webpage with couple of generic hyperlinks or an “under construction” message, then this probably means the domain has been parked, and the owner might be accessible.

Measure 2

  • Pay a visit to a domain to find out who gets the rights to the domain that you search.
  • Type the exact domain name into the search engine on the page. The search engine in a website such as will bring up a result of whoever owns the domain name, in addition to contact info. Additionally, it can bring up technical info regarding the domain name.

Measure 3

Occasionally, domain registrars will provide telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, physical addresses and much more domains owned by this operator.

At times, there’s just tiny contact info available. A simple e-mail to commence the negotiation process will be most excellent.

Do not mention a price in your mail yet. Just mention the domain name amidst the many can be considering. Do not be overly competitive.

A lot of people buy a lot of different domains directly intending to sell them to a person in the future. When calling a man that has bought the domain name you need, it’s highly advisable not to be over-anxious about purchasing the parked domain name

Because purchasing a parked domain name from an individual is sort of like buying a vehicle. In the process, the domain owner understands that an individual so much needs the domain name, the cost for it will surely skyrocket.

Measure 4

Use counter-tops and counter-arguments. There’s an excellent likelihood that the initial asking price to obtain a parked domain name will probably be unreasonably large.

Measure 5

Examine the history of this domain name; as well as the comparative earnings using the link supplied below.

These strategy can give you a fundamental knowledge to negotiate better. For instance, if someone paid $2,000 to get a URL a year ago and you are offering $25, odds are you won’t get the website.

Likewise, you may wish to be sure you don’t provide more to get a parked domain than you want to.

Measure 6

Use an escrow service.

Because who you’ll buy a parked domain from may not be somebody you frequently do business with.

In such cases, it isn’t a smart idea to pay the owner of the domain before you retain the ownership.

An escrow service functions as a third party that will transmit rights and money after both parties have fulfilled their obligations to move a parked domain.

Measure 7

Produce the Site. The moment the URL was bought, the new site can be produced. Don’t forget to utilize search engine optimization methods to make sure that the cash spent on the parked domain goes to great use, and the website is correctly marketed.


How long can a domain name last?

If you initially register a domain name, it’s typically logged for the first period of two decades.

After the domain nears expiry, you may usually be given the opportunity the renew the enrollment for a further period (generally 1-2 years).

How much should I pay for a domain name?

If you’d like to register a new domain name, it’ll cost you anywhere between $1 to $15 annually based upon the TLD and the account type.

Can I purchase a domain name without?

My suggestion would be to register a domain name together with the firm who’s best at the host. Then, host with the best hosting service provider. Hence, for domain name registration, you may visit Godaddy, NameCheap, etc.

Should I buy domain privacy?

The easy answer is NO. As a site owner, you don’t need to buy domain privacy. On the other hand, the service provides a lot of important benefits, including decreasing spam and unwanted solicitations.


Bottom Line

“How do I permanently buy a domain name” has been a trendy question by bloggers and several Content Marketers who wants a lucrative patency. And we have answered this question and all of those related, above. Kindly share!

2 thoughts on “How Do I Permanently Buy a Domain? Here is the Answer”

  1. Hello Fash, here in the UK, it’s terrible and could be incriminating to claim ownership of a domain even if you purchase it.

    So, a challenge we face here is the topsy-turvy you’ll suck with visiting Trademark agencies.
    How do you cope with Trademark from your country?

    Thanks for the detailed info, as usual.
    Cheers from England!

    • Really,

      Not really that way over here, it kinda, quit easier to get a trade mark over here in Nigeria but i think getting a trademark doesn’t give you ownership over a domain name , once you forgot to renew it and another person purchased it , you should negotiate or you go for another extension of the domain name.

      just my opinion .


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