Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List of 2019

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List of 2019
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Highest Paying Affiliate Programs of 2019

Passive income, right?
Isn’t that one of your dreams?
Do you own a blog and want your bank accounts to get filled while you sleep?
If yes, you are in the right place that can help you accomplish your dreams.
Affiliate marketing is the ultimate solution to your problem. It is the best possible way for the monetization of your blog.
It is basically about promoting someone’s product on your website. The product owner will end up paying you some percentage of commission for the sale of their product or service they provide.
If you have a well-ranked website or you are good at generating traffic, then you must surely follow up this article to know about the top paying affiliate programs.
There are a ton of affiliate programs that pays you commission for providing the traffic. While some programs pay you less commission, there are also programs for which higher commission up to 30% or even more is being paid.
So, it’s quite apparent that everyone would like to go for the top paying affiliate programs, and that’s what smartness is!
But do not always look for the high commission rates in affiliate programs. Try to look for the other features it provides and also the cookie rate. Most importantly, the product or service has to be reliable, of high quality, and the best you can recommend to your audience.
But, that not all. It is in the hands of a company to set the requirements of the affiliate program according to the actions that would benefit them. The affiliate commission is then based on the number of customers executing that particular action.
There can be four types of actions on which the payment is based in an affiliate program:
Affiliate programs that pay per click
Affiliate programs that fund per sale
Affiliate programs that pay per sign-up
Affiliate programs that pay daily
This seems quite simple, right?
But ever wondered, who is keeping track of the activities of the customers you provide to the merchants?
At this point, the affiliate networks, also known as affiliate brokers, come into action. They play the role of mediators between wealthy affiliates and super-merchants. They track all the activities of the visitors provided, help affiliates in setting up of the affiliate links on their websites, watch monthly payments, and guides them for the various affiliate programs.
This information is enough for any beginner to choose an affiliate marketing program for their websites.
Up till here, you learned the basics of affiliate marketing programs that a beginner must know. Now let’s have a look at how to choose an affiliate niche and the highest paying affiliate programs for 2019.
For beginners, we recommend to pull some research on some highest paying affiliate niches and select one or a few among them. Next to that, is the most crucial step. You have to choose high ticket affiliate programs for your website.
They are confused about which programs to choose?
This article itself is a complete guide where you are going to get a comprehensive overview of the best high paying affiliate programs, and yes, it can add some chinking weight to your pockets.
So, let’s get started!
Highest paying affiliate niches
Choosing a niche is quite a tricky task that you can master quickly.
You just have to keep a few things in mind while choosing a niche:
First, identify your audience. The interest of your audience is one major factor.
Second, choose an evergreen market, so that you will keep on getting profits.
Third, choose one among the highest paying affiliate niches.
While choosing a niche, you will see that some of them pay quite low, kind of around 4-5%, whereas the other niches provide you with almost 30% or even more. So, why to go for lower paying ones?
Some highest paying affiliate niches include travel, lifestyle, fashion, food, beauty.
Now, as we have talked about the highest paying affiliate niches, let’s explore the highest paying affiliate programs of 2019.
Best affiliate programs for travel bloggers
Travel blogging is a creative way of capturing and displaying different places in the world. It is a profitable niche, though, but it is always tough to start monetization of your blog. There are a lot of ways by which you can begin the monetization of your blog, affiliate marketing being one of them.
People are always looking for deals on hotels, flights, holiday packages, etc. while they plan to travel. Providing some affiliate links for these amenities would serve your purpose, thereby making it the easiest way of earning money from your blog.
There are a lot of websites that offer affiliate programs for travel bloggers. While some affiliate programs might require good web traffic, whereas others may simply make you their affiliate. Different affiliate programs offer different commissions for the sale of their products along with varying durations of cookie.
Here is a list of the top paying affiliate programs for travel bloggers:
Most of the people planning for a trip visit TripAdvisor because of its built trust and popularity. It allows you to book hotels, restaurants, holiday packages, etc.
This program will prove to be a jackpot for you as it pays an incredible 50% commission per sale with a cookie duration of 14 days. It might be the best choice for you.

Booking.com is a well-known travel website which allows you to book hotels, flights, taxis, etc. It offers a commission as high as 25-40%. You can earn loads of money by choosing its affiliate program.

Travelpayouts is said to be the highest paying travel affiliate program. It provides you with a wide range of travel services.
Its affiliate programs are among the top payers. They offer you a commission of up to 80% with a cookie duration of 30 days.

Expedia is a well-heard of travel brand which promotes around 260,000 properties. They are among the top travel affiliate programs providers paying commission ranging from 11-15% on cars, hotels, holiday packages, and other travel activities.

Cruise Direct is today’s fastest growing travel websites for bookings cruise vacations. With this, you can earn up to 3% commission on every successful sale. You might feel that it is less but let me remind you, an average cruise trip costs about $1000, which can get you $30 on every sale. It offers you a cookie duration of 45 days, which helps you earn even more.

Best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers
A lifestyle blogger writes content based on their personal interests and activities. They let the people experience beautiful little things that might be sometimes left ignored by us. There are multiple affiliate programs available for the lifestyle bloggers, which can help them generate a decent amount of money from their blogs. The programs offer both pay per click and pay per lead payment ways, thus making it convenient for the bloggers. If you have good organic traffic, just sign up for the following program and wait for the checks to roll out in your account.
Keep reading to find the best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers.
Craftsy is one among the top paying affiliate program for lifestyle bloggers. It pays up to 40% commission and 30 days cookie, which is considered as a great affiliate earn. Craftsy is all about creativity. If your blog is about DIY projects, cooking, photography, crafting, etc., you must surely go for this affiliate program.
Amazon Associates
Amazon is one of the most leading e-commerce websites in the world. Their incredible affiliate program can make you earn up to 10% commission along with a 30-day cookie provision. You can affiliate product which you use in your daily routine and can even provide more.
The most striking feature about this program is that you will get paid for all the purchases that a person makes in one session, irrespective of the product link you provided.
ShareASale deals with almost 3,900 brands. A large number of products are available for affiliate programs. It provides both pay-per-sale and pay-per-lead affiliate programs. It has a low payment threshold of 50$, which is quite small as compared to other programs.
ShopStyle Collective
Available with a pay-per-click affiliate program, ShopStyle Collective is one of the most popular affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers. You get a plus point as it is not a pay-per-sale program. They have thousands of brands and products which you can choose to affiliate on your website.
RewardStyle is quite similar to ShopStyle. It gives a commission up to 20% per sale and a cookie duration of 15 days. One of the major benefits of RewardStyle affiliate program is that you can add its affiliate links to your Instagram account as well.

Best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers
Do you own a fashion blog?
Do you want to start generating an income from it?
An affiliate program is the best to go for you. Just recommend some quality products to your audience and let them help you make money. There are a lot of affiliate programs in the fashion niche that are available in the market, which can help you reach your goal.
We conducted research through all the affiliate programs available for fashion blogging, and here is a list of the top paying affiliate programs:

Zaful is a popular website for fashion accessories. Along with it, it offers an amazing affiliate program which has high commission rates of 15-20% and a cookie duration of 60 days. Its long cookie duration helps you earn even more.
H&M is a well-known brand that has a grown market reputation all around the globe. It provides an excellent affiliate program that can help you earn a lot. Its program has a commission of up to 7.4% and a cookie duration of 30 days.
Fashionmia is catching pace in the fashion world. Its affiliate program offers a high commission rate of 15% and a cookie duration of 90 days, which proves to be great for the affiliates to earn more.
ShopStyle Collective
ShopStyle Collective is another fashion affiliation program provider. This is one of the most hyped affiliate programs due to its pay-per-click provision. It means you will get paid when a customer clicks on your provided affiliate link irrespective of whether he buys something or not.
Newchic, a growing fashion website, offers you a high paying affiliate program. Its program has a commission rate of up to 18% per sale and has a considerable cookie duration of 60 days.

Best affiliate programs for food bloggers
Does your web traffic hold all the food lovers?
If yes, posting some images of scrumptious food items on your page can shower some gold chinks on your bed.
Sounds weird, right?
No, you can start affiliate marketing on your website. It is the simplest way to earn money from your blogs. There are a lot of affiliate programs available for food bloggers. You can sign up for any of them and make it the attraction of your food blog.
Here, we have listed out the best affiliate programs for you which pay the top commission and has a longer cookie rate than most of the programs that are out there in the market. The following are the best affiliate programs for food bloggers:

Pizza Hut Affiliate Program
Pizza Hut is a promise able pizza brand that makes the most lovable food item all around the world. With its impressive affiliate program, you can boost up the earnings of your food blog. It offers a payout of Rs 67.50 to 81.00 per sale, depending on the food item.

Swiggy Affiliate Program
Swiggy is the most leading food delivery services in India. It has made a trusted place in the food delivery sector. With its affiliate program, you can earn Rs 22.50 to 27.00* per sale. It can give a lurking appeal to your food website along with helping you make more money.

KFC Affiliate Program
KFC has been flaunting the Indian market with its loaded American flavors. With KFC’s affiliate program, you can earn up to Rs 23.62 – 28.35* per sale. It can prove to be an excellent food affiliate program for your blog.

Behrouz Biryani Affiliate Program
Every Indian is obsessed with biryani and has a special place for it in their hearts. Choosing the Behrouz biryani affiliate program can prove to be the right decision. Its affiliate program offers up to Rs 101.25 – 121.50* per sale. Let your audience enjoy this scrumptious biryani!

Best affiliate programs for beauty bloggers
Beauty blogging is all about posting content related to makeup, hairstyles, outfits, skin care products, and everything else that falls under the beauty category.
The audience who is engaged in reading such content is always keen to buy new beauty or fashion products. Understand the opportunity the passion of your audience and post some affiliate links for the products which you think your audience must be interested in buying.
There are some affiliate marketing programs in the marketing that can add weights to your pockets. Marketing their products will benefit them as well as you. They will get new customers for their products and for that they are going to pay you a commission.
Here is a list of the best affiliate programs for beauty bloggers:

BH Cosmetics
BH Cosmetics is a leading cosmetic manufacturer. It offers all makeup accessories. Its affiliate program offers a commission of up to 15% per sale along with some monthly incentives. This program can prove to be an attraction for your blog and can help you earn a lot more.

Avon is the oldest known beauty brand out there in the market. With its excellent affiliate programs, you can earn a decent amount. Its program offers you about 6% commission per sale along with the opportunity to make some bonus.

Colorescience is among the top luxury makeup brands in the market. Its affiliate program offers you a 10% commission per sale. You can add this program to your website for high affiliate earns.

Sigma Beauty
Sigma Beauty is the fastest growing cosmetic brand, well known for its innovative and high-quality makeup brushes. It offers you with a great affiliate program which allows you to earn up to 10% commission per sale. Also, they have some rewards and cash bonus offers.

CBD Affiliate programs
Do you often post content that features CBD products?
Recently, a lot of CBD or Cannabidiol products have been launched, and it has been proved that these products have unprecedented health benefits.
Shoppers are getting damn crazy for buying these products. So, why don’t you include some products on your blog and be an affiliate marketer?
This is going to benefit you. You have to sign up for an excellent CBD affiliate program that is available in the market — facing a problem finding the apt affiliate program?
Here is the list of best CBD Affiliate programs:
Joy Organics
Joy Organics is one of the most popular and fastest growing CBD brands. Its outstanding affiliate program has the power to attract a lot of customers due to its brand reputation and genuinely priced products. It offers a commission rate of 25% with a cookie duration of 60 days.
Koi CBD is a popular CBD brand in CBD vape industry. It offers an excellent affiliate program that gives you a commission of 15-30%, with a cookie rate of 30 days. Add this affiliate program to your blog to add an additional source of passive income.
CBD Medic
CBD Medic is a well-recognized brand for its CBD products. Its affiliate program offers a good commission of 20-30% per sale along with a cookie duration of 60 days. Also, it pays the affiliates their outstanding amount in two weeks.
Lola Hemp
Lola Hemp is a rapidly growing CBD brand that provides a complete CBD products range for pets. If you own a pet blog, this is surely a thumbs up for you. Its affiliate program offers you with a commission of 20% and more with a cookie duration of 30 days.

Affiliate marketing is in hype these days. It is the most profitable way of making money online. So, these were some of the best affiliate programs in the market. Based on the niche of your blog and the content of your blog, choose the affiliate program that you think is appropriate for it, and get ready for your income to flow in passively.

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