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What is BloggersNG

Thank you for sparing your valuable time to visit this “About BloggersNG” page.

I created bloggersNG for you and the reader. This is an authority blog, and it connects bloggers, webmasters, and readers at one platform by connecting each other.

Here BloggersNG means -“Sharing valuable tips and ideas on Blogging, SEO, and Traffic.”

BloggersNG.com domain was registered on 7th May 2015. The blog was first to live on 15th May 2015. The primary focus of this blog is to present information on Blogging tips, SEO tips and earning through the web.

I was compiling with a quality team of writings from around the world to share the perspectives on how to create and maintain the blog.

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Why BloggersNG

Bloggers NG brings the latest blogging and SEO tips to do best in blogging. Blogging is the present career for most of the people from students to retired people. 

Basically, this is an information sharing process through online. 

This blog provides simple, basic and advanced methods of Blogging, SEO, and money making tips for many bloggers and webmasters.

About Me: Charles Umeanakor (Mrfash)

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I am Charles Umeanakor (Mrfash). This is one blog from my blogging deskMy First Tech Blog started on 25th February 2012.

The main motto of this blog is to share the latest blogging methods, SEO tips, Blogging tool reviews, How to use tutorials, Earning through Blogging and Free WordPress Installation services and much more.

In BloggersNG, You will get Blogging Tips, WordPress Tips, Reviews, SEO tips, Earn money from the Internet, etc. and more technical information.

My mission is to clarify the doubts risen by Blogging enthusiasts. In fact, in 2009 I have opted this to make money online.

But it inspired me in this journey by communicating with hundreds of bloggers and techy persons, I have settled into this blogging career as a Full-time blogger. Recently, I started a new blogging office chamber at my home to connect the world 24×7.

I hope this communication will be worthwhile for all New bloggers.

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