10 Best Text Message Spy App

10 Best Text Message Spy App
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10 Best Text Message Spy App

Spying apps have proven to be boon in our current generation. You don’t necessarily have to be a betrayed partner or a suspecting spouse to use a trusted text message spy app. The beauty of these apps is that whatever information it is that you need, you can have access to it without even touching the other device. Sound’s cool definitely! If you’re in search of a spying app to read someone’s text messages, you’re totally at the right place.

SMS tracker apps are in use every day by concerned parents to keep a check on their kid. It is even used by marketing companies who want to ensure the work quality. These apps make sure that the employees are doing what they are supposed to be.

This list below will provide a map to all those looking forward to finding the right app according to their uses. There are hundreds of these already out there, we have handpicked the ten best text message spy apps and summarized them for you in terms of compatibility and their respective features.

  1. Spyic

Spyic is a spy app that provides complete access to one’s phone and message activity. This includes access to the text message conversations of your loved ones. The icon of the app will be seen only when you are installing it. Once it is set up nicely, it disappears out of the list of mobile phone apps. Even in the bank statements, either it is not visible once the payment is made. Spyic solutions is a trusted monitoring app that is entirely legal if your intentions are good. Your kids or employees won’t even know that it is a promising statement from the firm. As long as the device consists of an Operating System and is connected to a good internet network, this app is going to work just fine.


Cocospy aiming at user-friendliness, this app ensures the user to gain access to a phone in a matter of a few minutes. This is an application very similar to Spyic! Some benefits are the allowance to monitor multiple devices through one dashboard with pricing plans that are both affordable and cheap. It is so competitive that even students can afford it. The number of features one can gain access to at a low cost is a real delight!
Also, there is no need to install any app to monitor the target device. This can be done through a web browser remotely.

3. PhoneSheriff 

With the modern age of digitization, we can see that children across all generations have devices of
their own. This can be quite scary for the parents as it’s quite easy to come across several
evils on the Internet, and a parent would want their child to steer clear of this. PhoneSheriff
helps a parent rest assured of their child’s safety. It allows them to Block numbers from
incoming or outgoing calls. Also, the parent has complete control over what apps the
child is using and can even block them if need be. The parent will also be aware of the child’s
location and will be able to track all their messages and other activities on the phone.

4. Mobile Spy

With packages priced at $49.97 and $64.97 lasting three months, Mobile Spy is a way to keep
track of the activities of the employees or the children. It could cost fortunes to a company if
employees misuse the crucial information of the company that they are provided with. If
children interact with the wrong people on the Internet, it could take a toll on them. Mobile
Spy ensures that their features leave the boss or parent in you less paranoid! It allows one to
keep track of SMS, WhatsApp messages, Facebook Messenger, websites visited, apps used, and also, the location of the target.

5. DDI Utilities
DDI Utilities is a spy app for both, the iOS and Android phones. In 3 simple steps, you may gain access to your target’s messages, calls, photos/videos, and location. The software is both easy to install and user-friendly. Besides, once you pay for DDI Utilities, you need not have to pay a monthly fee or pay for the future updates. The first step is to download the app using the over-the-air method. Then, you must make the payment, and you will receive a license key on doing so, which must be entered into the software. After that, you must simply log in to the account you created and start spying!

6. TheTruthSpy
Giving free 48 hours of access, TheTruthSpy defines the most advanced high-tech cell phone monitoring. It can be easily installed as a standard software directly onto a compatible smartphone or tab.
This new technology might look a bit complicated, but the process is actually a left hand game using our and other documentation. A compact version of the entire process flow works can be found on the website.

7. Appmia
Appmia can be configured to track your target’s phone location at any point of time, with the refresh interval set at 5 minutes. If your kid is prone to losing phones in general, this app can significantly increase the chances of tracking it down at the earliest. The best part about this app is the lower cost and has minimal ads or in-app purchases. The app has decent popularity in the marketplace, which is adamant seeing the views on the website. The app requires devices to be on Android 4.0.3. And above, covering up the latest versions of the current time.
It is powerful software that lets you track mobile activities and control their device remotely. Real-time access to the data of the smartphone you are trying to trace is popped up on the screen of your device. It’s text message tracker allows you to track all the messages on the target device. You can have acces to these messages from anywhere or any device by directly accessing your control panel. You can also view the time and date stamps, contact name, and number.

8. Spyera

Remotely monitor Windows PC and Mac OS along with keeping an eye on the phone and its text messages. More spying features than any competitors are available on Spyera with an award-winning undetectable Spy Phone and PC Spy in its cap.
Monitoring your kids and understand their world has just become super easy with this. A good business hold can be achieved by tracking and controlling your employees’ activities.
Coming with a ten days money back guarantee, the installation is easy, and the software has a user-friendly web control panel. Remote upgrades are included in the pack, and these are free of cost.

9. SMS Peeper – 

If you are worried about what’s happening behind your back and wish to read one’s messages, SMS-Peeper is the app for you! It could be your partner, your colleague, or maybe just a friend. There is no need to download any advanced software for the same. You can gain access to messages of any number across the world in just a few moments. You must visit the SMS-Peeper website, select your country, enter the number of the individual whose messages you would like to read then enter your e-mail address and finally, click on “Get Messages” and you’re all set to go!

10. SpyFone

Spyfone receives real-time SMS as well as the receiver’s and sender’s contact details. This keeps you updated with what your worker or kid is texting about. It allows one to see the content of every SMS message received or sent (even after deletion!), thus ensuring the proper spying.
When your kid runs activities that are prohibited on any monitored mobile device, Profanity Alert, Geo-Fencing, Contact Alerts get alerts that warn the parent well in time.
GPS Location, Lock / Wipe the target device, SIM Change Alert are additional features of the software. Send a text message from a cell phone, including a command for the monitored mobile phone to use SMS commands. Locking or deletion information about calls/contacts remotely can also be done.

Even though there are thousands of SMS trackers on the market, these 10 apps stand way above the rest.
A well-designed SMS tracker is the one that works in the background, does more besides SMS tracking and doesn’t get in the way of productivity.
You may find other apps that promise to dive into text messages for free, but these are strongly recommended against trusting someone who is not worthy of it. Paid firms have a user base of over millions, and the security level is quite high in this case. Remember that it is always good to remain a step ahead of what might turn out into something devastating! Keeping this in mind, reach out to the companies mentioned above in the article to be the little caring James Bond, you always wanted to be.

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